Links and Clients

  Some of Our Clients:
St. Dominic Church
Los Angeles, CA
18 nave windows
Blessed Sacrament Church
Seattle, WA
10 nave, 2 narthex windows
St. Joseph Chuch
Yakima, WA
East rose window
Post-fire window restoration
St. Patrick Church
Tacoma, WA
2 lobby area windows
Rose window restoration
St. Thomas Episcopal
Medina, WA
14 chapel windows
Holy Rosary Church
Portland, OR
52 windows
Holy Spirit Church
Kent, WA
11 windows, entry & nave
Bethany Lutheran Church
Seattle, WA
Narthex window, engraved glass
St. Madeleine Sophie
Seattle, WA
Blessed Sacrament Chapel window
  Our Suppliers:
Northwest Art Glass
Manufacturer of
Fine Art Glass
Spectrum Glass
Manufacturer of
Rolled Art Glass
Stained Glass Association
Stained Glass Association
of America
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Archdiocese of Seattle
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Marshall Pews
Manufacturer of
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